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One white color house in Orchard road Singapore.jpg By Guojing
Home made Panipuri
The China town's green Windows in Singapore
Sunny Sunday.jpg By Guojing
One small shop with sculpture
By Guojing
Somewhere in little India Singapore. By Guojing
Sketch of Kolkata India.jpg One small girl came to us try to sell those red balloons.jpg I still rem
When we in orchard road, Singapore.jpg GJ
A bird visit my window in Morning.jpg By Guojing
Outside of temple.jpg By guojing
Sketch of lane in little India of Singapore
My old sketch of little India of Singapore.jpg By Guojing
Hindu temple in little India Singapore.jpg Sketch by Guojing
By guojing
Priest in Hindu temple.jpg Singapore.jpg Sketch By guojing
Sketch of Singapore street
Singapore landed house.jpg By Guojing
Green house
Green window in little india
Lift life
When we reach home by bus in night.jpg Sketch by Guojing
Singapore bus
Singapore food court
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