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Successful Launch in Beijing for Guojing and The Only Child

Guojing had a busy weekend in Beijing at the end of August promoting her Chinese language edition of The Only Child, which was recently published with Citic Press.

“I did an interview and two book launches in Beijing. One in BIBF and other one in the Citic bookstore. We talked about The Only Child and how I made it.”

The Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) is the largest annual international book fair in China, and this was its 23rd year running.

The wordless graphic novel, about a little girl who is lost and alone following a magical stag into the woods, attracted a lot of attention at BIBF and in the China Citic book store.

And here’s Guojing about to hand sign 3000 copies of The Only Child!

“I signed 3000 books in 4 and half hours.”

Between interviews and signings, Guojing had a chance to explore the venue and meet other authors and illustrators.

“It was so busy in China. It’s lucky I got the Nobel price winner Svetlána Alexándrovna Alexiévich’s signature.”

It looks like it was a fun and successful weekend, with lots of support for The Only Child. We couldn’t be happier for Guojing!


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